St. John’s Library Renovation


As the surrounding neighbourhood is different for St. John’s than for Cornish, a slightly different strategy has been proposed for the St. John’s Library renewal.  A new addition to the south side of the building will feature a new entry, a lift/elevator, a reading room, and a flexible program room. The addition incorporates significant amounts of glass, presenting a distinctive and inviting new public face towards the busy Salter Street intersection. The transparency of the glass structure ensures that the heritage elements remain visible even from the exterior of the building.
While the main focus of the project is still universal accessibility, this creative design makes the most of the new construction by also creating two new spaces for public use, filled with natural light. The plans also call for the installation of a Universal Toilet Room on the main floor.


Our goal is to provide access for all patrons through the installation of an elevator and accessible washrooms, as well as address necessary upgrades to mechanical systems lighting, and interior furniture. Energy efficiency is also a key consideration in these renovations.

Over the last hundred years, the social and economic landscapes may have changed, but Winnipeg’s North End has always been home to hardworking people with the drive to achieve and succeed. Today, new Canadians, seniors, students from nearby schools, and First Nations people all meet at St. John’s to learn, grow, and connect. The Aboriginal collection of materials, student homework club, language resources, and other programs are all tailored to meet the special requirements of this unique and diverse area.

Renovations to St. John’s will provide essential updates to the lower level program rooms, as well as making the entire facility accessible to everyone, regardless of age or ability. St. John’s will require approximately $2.5 million to renovate. The City of Winnipeg has committed to 50%, leaving $1.25 million needed.

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